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Anderson flooring Horseheads, NY

Are you looking for a quality hardwood floor that will add luxury and character to your home? Choose Anderson. Anderson hardwood floors certainly offer premium style, but they are better-known for their emphasis on strength and durability.

Most Anderson hardwood floors are specially-engineered for extra durability. In fact, Anderson was one of the first brands to introduce engineered hardwood flooring in the first place! Anderson’s engineered hardwood, which is called Cross-Locked Engineered, is made from five separate wood plies that are layered in different directions. Layering the plies in different directions helps counteract wood’s natural tendency to expand, so Cross-Locked Engineered hardwood is exceptionally strong and stable. Anderson actually notes that its hardwood floors are nearly as strong as steel! When you choose Anderson, you won’t have to worry about foot traffic or other external pressures ruining your brand new hardwood floor.

What about scratches and stains? Anderson hardwood includes some of the strongest finishes available in the industry. Its Luster-Lock Ultra finish, for example, is six times more resistant to scratches than most finishes. So, not only will your Anderson hardwood floor stay strong; it will stay smooth and clean as well.

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