Armstrong Alterna

A more durable and more comfortable alternative to tile

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Armstrong Alterna Horseheads, NY

Be sure to visit Jay Carpet One in Horseheads, NY for all of your vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring needs. We offer one of the area’s best selections, including various styles of Armstrong vinyl flooring. One of our featured styles is Armstrong Alterna. Alterna is a more durable alternative to real ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile. How does it compare?


Alterna is specially-made to look exactly like real tile. In fact, the looks are so authentic that, at first glance, it nearly impossible to determine whether or not Alterna vinyl tiles are actually real tiles. There are a variety of looks available, including slate and travertine.

The most popular Alterna tile sizes are 12” and 16” squares, but there are other options available if you want a more unique surface pattern. In addition, for even greater realism, Alterna tiles can be installed with a special grout!


Unlike ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile, Alterna will resist spills and stains without any special treatments or sealants. Furthermore, Alterna tiles are extremely resilient, so they are unlikely to chip or crack like regular tile. As a result, they can handle heavy foot traffic. Given this extra resilience, Alterna tiles are softer underfoot. In fact, not only are they softer; they are, on average, 20 degrees warmer.


Regular ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles, because of their hard constructions, can only be installed over flat and even subfloors. Alterna, however, is much more flexible, so it can be installed over uneven subfloors. Any subfloor irregularities or imperfections will be hidden.