Armstrong Luxe

High-quality vinyl plank flooring from Armstrong

Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Jay Carpet One in Horseheads, NY is your local leader when it comes to vinyl plank flooring, as we offer one of the area’s largest selections. One of our featured vinyl plank options is Armstrong Luxe. The Armstrong Luxe plank combines natural wood and stone visuals with premium durability and wear resistance.

Luxe is available in four distinct looks: traditional hardwood, rustic hardwood, exotic hardwood, and natural stone. These looks, because of Armstrong’s special Lynx technology, are all truly authentic, so Luxe is certainly a capable alternative to real wood and stone. But, unlike wood and stone, Luxe is totally waterproof and stain resistant, and it has a commercial-grade surface that will resist scratches and normal wear and tear. Luxe therefore can be installed anywhere in the home.

There are two different Luxe installation options: FasTak and Rigid Core.

FasTak: Luxe planks with FasTak have what Armstrong calls a self-adhesive. This means that the planks can be positioned, pressed, and attached directly to the subfloor without any special glue. In other words, the planks seem to stick to the subfloor on their own. This installation method is rather quick and easy, but it does require even subfloors.

Rigid Core: With Rigid Core, the Luxe planks will have a rigid composite core that provides exceptional dimensional stability to the planks. So, Luxe with Rigid Core is recommended for busy households. The core also makes it possible for the planks to connect and lock together, so they will float over the subfloor without any adhesive. Luxe planks with Rigid Core can therefore be installed over uneven subfloors.

Please download Armstrong’s brochure to learn even more about Luxe!

We’re an authorized Armstrong flooring dealer, so be sure to stop by our Horseheads showroom to check out our full selection from Armstrong. In addition to vinyl plank flooring, we offer sheet vinyl flooring and wood flooring.

Armstrong Luxe plank Horseheads, NY