Carpet Padding

Add extra comfort and durability to your new carpet

Comfort and Performance

carpet padding Horseheads, NY

When walking on a new carpet, you undoubtedly experience the carpet padding underneath the surface.  The padding provides comfort, warmth, and strength to the carpet, but since it's installed underneath the carpet, it often goes unnoticed. Nonetheless, choosing the right carpet pad is an important consideration.

Carpet padding certainly can add softness to a carpet. A carpet pad can certainly make a carpet comfortable underfoot, and it can also provide the carpet with support against foot traffic. In residential areas such as homes, thick carpet pads are popular because softness is so important.  You do, after all, want your family to be comfortable! Carpet pads, however, do not necessarily have to be soft; they can be harder and more rigid as well. These types of pads are great for commercial areas, because they provide extra strength and stability against potential impacts.

Also, there are newer carpet pads that provide moisture resistance. These types of pads are practical in all areas because they prevent spills from ever reaching the subfloor. As a result, these water resistant carpet pads do well to protect against mold and mildew.

Currently, carpet padding is available in foam, rubber, and fiber. Foam carpet pads are extremely soft and comfortable, so they are best for residential areas. Rubber and fiber carpet pads, however, are suitable for both residential and commercial settings since they are typically stronger and more durable.

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