Carpet's versatility, softness, and comfort 

Benefits of Carpet

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Carpet still remains the most popular flooring option in both residential and commercial settings. Why does carpet remain popular? It is soft, comfortable, and versatile in terms of design. In other words, there is a perfect carpet for every room in the home or office! Plus, most carpets offer tremendous wear and stain resistance, so spills, stains, and foot traffic do not have to be an issue.

Cut pile carpet is common in homes and other residences. The yarns are cut at the ends to ensure a flat and consistent surface. Cut pile yarns are typically long and soft, so the carpet’s surface is thick and especially comfortable. There are a variety of cut pile options available, including velvet, Saxony, shag, cable, and frieze. For a thick surface that offers luxurious looks, check out shag carpet. If foot traffic, however, is more of an issue, frieze carpet is a better option. You can certainly rest assured that there is is a cut pile carpet to best fit your home.

Loop carpet is ideal for heavy foot traffic, so it’s more common in office settings. The carpet's yarns are not cut, but rather looped for extra durability. There are two loop styles: level and multi loop. With level loop, all of the looped yarns are the same height, so the carpet has a smooth surface that is wear resistant. Multi loop carpets have loops of different heights, and this leads to a patterned surface that is rather unaffected by foot traffic.

If you are having a difficult time choosing between cut pile and loop carpet, there are cut/loop combinations available. With the combination, some yarns are cut and others are looped, so there’s a unique surface texture. No matter your carpet needs, be sure to visit Jay Carpet One in Horseheads, NY.