Learn about COREtec's perfect combination of style and performance

Why COREtec?

COREtec flooring Horseheads, NY

We at Jay Carpet One are excited about our selection of COREtec luxury vinyl flooring. Why? COREtec is one of the most reliable flooring options available in residential settings. Read on to learn exactly why COREtec is so reliable!

Premium Performance

Luxury vinyl floors are engineered to perform better than hardwood and tile floors. COREtec, however, is actually engineered to perform better than other luxury vinyl floors. Every COREtec floor has a strong core structure that’s made from recycled wood, limestone, bamboo dust, and virgin PVC. The core provides strength and support against heavy foot traffic, mainly so that the vinyl planks never collapse under external pressures. In addition, the core structure provides water resistance, so all COREtec floors are totally waterproof. COREtec is therefore suitable for kitchens, basements, and other areas with moisture.

Softness and Warmth

Hardwood, stone, and other hard surface flooring options are usually hard and cold underfoot. COREtec, however, has a special cork underlayment that actually provides softness and warmth. What results is a durable floor that is comfortable underfoot. The cork underlayment also reduces sound, so you’ll never have to hear noisy foot traffic.

Easy Installation

COREtec features a glueless installation that most skilled DIYers can handle. The vinyl planks simply “click” together to float over the subfloor without any special adhesive. Also, because the cork underlayment is flexible, it will hide any subfloor irregularities. This means that COREtec can be installed over subfloors that aren’t perfectly flat and even.

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