Premium luxury vinyl flooring focused on design


Jay Carpet One offers quality luxury vinyl flooring from Karndean. Karndean luxury vinyl, which is known as Designflooring, offers the best of style and performance.

All luxury vinyl floors are specially-made to resemble the natural appearances of wood and stone. Given advances in technology, these looks are truly authentic, so much so that it’s often difficult to discern between luxury vinyl flooring and real hardwood or stone. Karndean, however, takes these authentic looks even a step further. Each Karndean vinyl tile or plank has its own unique appearance. The wood grains, for example, vary by plank, as do the surface textures. Other luxury vinyl floors have a more uniform appearance, so they can look and feel unrealistic. So, when it comes to luxury vinyl, Karndean definitely offers the most authentic looks and feels.

Karndean luxury vinyl floors remain ultra-durable as well. The tiles and planks will never expand or contract when exposed to moisture, and they also will never crack even under intense pressure. At the same time, the floor’s surface will resist spills and stains, so the entire floor remains waterproof. Karndean luxury vinyl flooring is therefore much more durable than natural hardwood and stone floors.

What about comfort? Wood and stone floors are hard and cold, so they certainly are not the most comfortable options for your home. Karndean luxury vinyl, however, has a flexible construction, so it is certainly more comfortable underfoot. This extra comfort is especially important in areas (such as kitchens) where you spend so much time on your feet!

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