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Mannington Flooring

Mannington flooring Horseheads, NY

Jay Carpet One carries vinyl flooring from Mannington. Mannington vinyl has become one of the most popular resilient floor options because of its natural looks and premium durability.

Mannington vinyl, although it made from synthetic materials, looks exactly like hardwood, stone, and tile. Its looks are natural and stylish because of Mannington’s special NatureForm 4G technology. With this technology, the colors and designs are clear and, most importantly, 100% authentic!

In addition to an authentic appearance, Mannington vinyl offers premium durability. Its high-level vinyl floors, for example, include ScratchResist, which is one of the best performing finishes available on any floor. The added ScratchResist technology means that Mannington vinyl floors are extremely difficult, or even impossible, to scratch and stain. Even the more budget-friendly Mannington vinyl floors include a special wear layer that resists scratches and scruffs. No matter which Mannington vinyl floor you choose, you can rest easy knowing that it will look as good as new for a long time.

Like most vinyl floors, Mannington vinyl is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Only routine sweeping and mopping are necessary, mainly because dirt, dust, and liquids will not stick to the surface. And, although the surface is not typically glossy, you can certainly use polish to add some shine. Be sure to use the polish in moderation!

To learn more about Mannington flooring, be sure to visit our Horseheads, NY showroom! We can also help you choose Mannington commercial flooring for heavy traffic areas!