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Quick Step Laminate Flooring

Quick Step laminate Horseheads, NY

Quick Step is without a doubt an industry leader when it comes to laminate flooring. Why? Its laminate options feature innovative product performance technologies, so they simply perform better than the competition. Here are some of Quick Step’s performance technologies:

Water Resistant HDF Board: Quick Step laminate planks have a special water resistant high-density fiberboard (HDF) that provides exceptional strength and dimensional stability. As a result, even when exposed to moisture or humidity, the laminate planks will not expand, contract, or warp.

Balancing Layer: The planks have a super-strong balancing layer that functions as a bottom layer. This layer is strong enough to handle the heavy top layers, so Quick Step laminate planks will never collapse. Other laminate options do not have bottom layers that can handle the top layers, so over time the planks tend to collapse under the pressure.

ScratchGuard: Many Quick Step laminate options have ScratchGuard protection on the surface. So, the surface will not scratch or scuff, even in areas with heavy foot traffic.

GenuEdge: Quick Step planks that have GenuEdge technology have a realistic edge visual. The wood visual “rolls over” the edge of the planks for a truly authentic appearance.

Our Selection

We at Jay Carpet One in Horseheads, NY offer a few different Quick Step laminate options, including the Classic and Home collections. Both collections offer real wood looks with extra durability. Be sure to choose Classic Sound or Home Sound if you want a special underlayment that provides comfort and noise reduction underfoot.

We also love Quick Step’s Eligna collection. Eligna laminate floors are available in a few different exotic wood looks, and they even offer realistic surface textures.