Travertine Tile

Natural, high-character looks from travertine

What Is Travertine Tile?

travertine tile Horseheads, NY

Choosing travertine tile is a great way to add the natural beauty and strength of stone to your home setting. Travertine, like traditional stone, has a rough and textured look, but it is available in various gold and tan shades. It also has a porous look that sometimes even looks like marble, as you can see from the four different styles displayed to the left. Travertine is therefore great for rustic and more old-fashioned designs. Also, given its appearance, travertine tile seems to add warmth to any setting.

In addition to its natural appearance, travertine tile has a strong and durable construction. In fact, travertine is one of the strongest tile options available. It will stand up to heavy foot traffic, and the tiles will rarely crack after other impacts. Plus, travertine’s porous surface can be filled and sealed to protect against stains and moisture. So, travertine tile is certainly durable enough for any home setting. It’s no surprise that it continues to be a preferred tile choice for floors, backsplashes, and walls.

What about outdoor settings? Travertine tile, like porcelain tile, is suitable outdoors. It can handle changing temperatures without cracking or breaking, and it also will resist heavy moisture from rain. At the same time, travertine’s surface will remain non-slip even when wet. As a result, travertine tile is a popular option for patios.

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