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Wood flooring's natural allure

Wood Flooring Selection

wood flooring Horseheads, NY

We at Jay Carpet One have a great selection of wood flooring in our Horseheads, NY location. We offer popular brands such as Anderson and Harris. Plus, we carry Carpet One exclusives like Rustic River and Invincible, both of which you simply cannot find in other stores!


Solid hardwood is definitely the traditional wood flooring type since it’s made only from a strip of genuine wood. As a result, solid hardwood possesses all of wood’s characteristics. It can be refinished multiple times to add more shine, smooth the surface, and eliminate wear. Engineered hardwood is also made of only wood, but it is constructed with three to seven layers of wood. The layered construction makes engineered hardwood more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood, but it cannot be refinished as many times.  


Bamboo flooring is similar to hardwood, but it has its own unique looks. Bamboo has unique patterns of dark grains that truly set it apart from all other wood flooring types. Also, bamboo is more dimensionally stable and has a harder surface.


Cork flooring is noted for its relative softness and flexibility. It is more comfortable underfoot than other flooring types, and it also is more resistant to drops. In addition, cork flooring stays warm and even does well to absorb sound.